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      Please read and follow this information to ensure you get the best out of your earrings and accessories:

      • Please treat products with care and store them appropriately on a jewellery holder in a cool dry environment out of direct sunlight. Please don't leave them in a place where they could be damaged such as in a handbag. 
      • Try not to drop or bend your earrings, they do have some 'give' but still need to be treated delicately
      • Avoid getting your jewellery wet and avoid contact with perfume and makeup. We recommend putting your earrings on after your moisturizer/makeup/perfume has been applied.
      • Please do not swim or sleep in your jewellery.
      • Use a polishing cloth to clean or shine your earrings as necessary
      • Take particular care when putting on earring clasps (they are easily lost if dropped) alternatively take care when removing your earrings that you don't use excessive pressure and bend or damage the materials.
      • Tassels should become bent or out of shape, you can use the small amount of water to dampen and reshape them. Tassels can flatten in transit so you may need to 'fluff' them a little when you receive them.
      • Please supervise young children, small parts could be a choking hazard.
      • Some of our earrings do feature brass components. This is a raw material that can tarnish if not cared for (although this does give it a unique look). Please be careful with what they come in contact with and polish with a polishing cloth or brass cleaner if necessary.